Updates on life and backyard chickens February 18 2013

 Whoa... things have just been crazy! Four weekends ago I was at Mon Amie Bridal Salon in Orange County, CA trunk showing with the fabulous Francesca from Jim Hjelm wedding gowns, then last weekend I was back there showing with the famous and wonderful Lazaro of Lazaro wedding gowns. What a treat is was to spend my weekends with such talented and fabulously established designers that I admire so much. This weekend, I found myself in the backyard with my boyfriend building a house for our soon to be backyard chickens. If you haven't already heard of this crazy movement I'll fill you in... Backyard chickens are a great way to get farm fresh, local (err... VERY local) eggs which are unmatchable in flavor and really minimize your carbon footprint in a fun and sustainable way. After a couple weekends in the salon I had a lot of gals dying to see the photo updates so I have included as promised. More to follow after I finish and we actually get our chicks. 

Here are some of the updates from the last few weeks starting with the Jim Hjelm trunk show at Mon Amie and wrapping with another great show with Lazaro.


Jacquelyn Christine Accessory Trunk Show Table: I wish I had more pictures of the stunning Jim Hjelm gowns, but I was busy and only caught a couple of the trunk show table set up. This look was my winter table styling, inspired by my love for snowboarding and dreaming of staying someday in an ice hotel. The table cloth is a sheet of chain mail type metal mesh with tons of embedded rhinestones so it just looks like liquid sparkel. I topped it off with some clear glass cubes to give the ice effect and fluffy white fur to sink the precious jewels into. I had a lot of fun with this one and people really seemed to like it.  

New Mon Amie in store display: Now you can find all of your favorites in one location right inside the salon entrance in the main display area. The collection looks incredible and is wonderfully accessible for customers which I just love. 

THEN, it's back to the house to build a house for our chickens! I bet you didn't know I can build like a total boy?!? My construction skills definitely run a little deeper than just accessories and I finally got my hands on a new project! Day one of the project started out with some help from my boyfriend's best friend Nick, while his fiancee and my man cooked us a lovely healthy brunch with fresh veggies from the farmers market. We wrapped up after framing out the main areas and I laid some parquee flooring!  AMAZING... whose chickens have parquee flooring??? Apologies for the dark photo, we burnt the daylight and ended with a fun movie night.  

Day two: After a few days passed I finally got back on the project solo and built out the nesting box area and created a hinged lid to access the eggs easily. With my boyfriend back in work and tackling the beast alone, it was slower going but still making progress.

Day three: About four days later I got back outside and built in the missing nesting box sides and roof. Finally made contact with a chicken breeder I really liked. They are called Dare 2 Dream Farms and they have a wonderful family run farm up in the Vandenberg area, a couple hours north of LA where I am at. I am really looking forward to a visit and finding which chickens are going to be the best breed for what we like. Here is the house after a couple of hours of work on day three.

The aftermath in my living room with my super fun new Sole Society pumps.... hahahahaa....

Finally, back at Mon Amie with a fresh gel manicure after all the hard work in the yard and joining fabulous Lazaro for a 9 AM fashion show. He showed a huge portion of his new Spring 2013 styles and each one walked the runway adorned with my accessories... complete heaven! One of my favorite gowns Lazaro showed is called "Wisteria" and it has the most fascinating and bold combination of color I could ever imagine. The under layers of the gown are light purple and teal mixed with a soft white that leaves you guessing. The very first bride to take the plunge with this gorgeous gown paired it with a Serena headpiece and a Beverly Cuff. After finally making it back onto display we showed it with an Emily necklace as a bold statement piece. 


More updates on crazy life and chickens to follow, until then.... CHEERS!

xo- Jacquelyn Christine