Jacquelyn Christine is a young, ambitious Designer from Southern California, now working out of her Design Studio in Pebble Beach where she draws on stimulation from the eclectic mix of art, nature and architecture that surrounds her daily. She started her design career early, learning to sew at five, by fifteen she was creating custom wedding gowns for clients and their bridal parties. While attending Fashion and Design School in Los Angeles, Jacquelyn worked full time refining her skills and designing couture wedding gowns with a fabulous Orange County Couturier. After college, she continued her work in couture bridal gowns under her own label.

"I was creating gowns for these amazingly fashion forward brides who had such a fantastic point of view and they kept coming back to me and asking where they could get accessories to complete the look. I was befuddled by what was available in the market and decided that it was time to take a closer look at accessories."  In 2011 Jacquelyn spread her wings and launched Jacquelyn Christine Accessories, handmade designs for a contemporary and sophisticated bride.      

"I think that every bride has a wedding story she's imagined about her perfect day- how she will feel as she takes that walk and the memories that will be created. I started Jacquelyn Christine with a passion to create unique designs that sparkle and bring a great love story to life."

For her Spring 2014 collection, designer Jacquelyn wanted to highlight each bride’s glamorous side - whether it’s romantic, sophisticated, or completely nontraditional. “I wanted to speak to her in an elevated and unexpected way with multicultural architectural inspiration and ultra refined details. This collection is not for every bride and that is exactly why she likes it.” The result is a collection that is a luxe mix of striking pieces crafted out of Swarovski crystal, rhinestones, glass pearls, and precious 100% silk ribbon.